Chiropractic Care: Posture Correction.

Posture Correction in Santa Ana CA

Correcting your posture means correcting your overall health.

Your posture is very important to your overall health. Studies show that the more we slouch, the more we suffer from pain and disease. Some studies also go as far as deducing that hyperkyphosis (chronic slouching) can reduce a person’s lifespan. But why?

Slouching puts tremendous pressure on the spine, and subsequently, on the nerves that flow through it and out to other parts of the body. This constant pressure reduces nerve flow energy that is received by different parts of the body. In time, this reduction causes organs and systems to function less and less the way they were intended. Such dysfunction can then create seemingly unrelated health issues which will then require more serious medical intervention.

Posture is key to our wellness. By maintaining our posture, we’re ensuring nerve pathways remain functional and that our body’s systems are operating optimally the way they were intended. This not only increases our well-being but ensures we live a longer and healthier life free of pain and disease.

As a result of poor posture, a patient was complaining of migraine headaches, fatigue, and neck pain. As the posture was corrected, she reported significant relief from her symptoms.

xray spine before


The green line demonstrates a normal neck curvature. This is your spine’s ideal shape, and anything that does not follow this shape is indicative of misalignment. Misalignment will lead to pain, discomfort, and even organ dysfunction.

xray spine after


After only 1 month of treatment, the patient’s neck curvature shown in red is becoming more aligned with our “normal” green line. As therapy continues, the patient is experiencing significant pain relief and feels more energetic and positive.

How can Corrective Chiropractic Care fix poor posture?

Corrective Care has been designed to address spinal misalignments and postural deformities such as hyperkyphosis. One of corrective care’s main objectives has been to provide patients with pain relief and better health by addressing postural issues.

And that’s exactly what Dr. Anh Bui, DC does for her patients. Through prescribing a well-formulated treatment plan that includes adjustments, traction, decompression, and custom exercise, she is able to methodically correct mild to severe postural issues, giving each patient a roadmap to great posture and great health.



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Posture Correction in Santa Ana, CA

Why is having a great posture so important?

Understanding the importance of a good posture, even if nothing hurts.

The posture is a very evident sign of whether or not the spine is standing tall or slouching forward. If a person stands tall, it most probably means their spine is in the correct shape and that they are healthier than those who stand with a slouch.

Even if nothing hurts, a poor posture is indicative of poor spinal health, which in turn is a sign that something much more serious is taking place under the surface. If we were to peel back the skin and muscles, and looked only at the nerves, we would discover a system that’s under duress.

Slouching not only increases the weight of the head as it relates to the effects of gravity pulling on a forward head posture, it also puts excess pressure on the delicate nerves that flow out of the spine. The combination of these things is a recipe for disaster, as organs and tissue which are dependent of optimal nerve flow are slowly deprived of this energy, and as a result, they won’t perform the way they should.

Don’t wait until something hurts to see a chiropractor. If you have a poor posture as a result of work, poor lifestyle habits, or injury, see a corrective care chiropractor in Santa Ana immediately to stop the progression, and fix the problem from the root.

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